Our brand identity

The launch of The Tax Institute's refreshed brand identity.

The brand refresh included a change of name, new logo, re-designed website and new visual identity across all Institute communications. These changes were implemented following significant research with members and the wider tax profession.

We believe our new identity represents the values of The Tax Institute and reflects the strength and characteristics of the tax profession. It maintains and celebrates the history and heritage of the Institute while appealing to tomorrow's tax professional.

View a video of the Institute's brand story using one of the two sources below.

Download a brochure of the new brand identity

A global designation and higher category of membership

With the internationalisation of trade and business and our desire for the reputation and expertise of our members to be recognised globally, The Tax Institute is now offering the international tax designation - Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) – as the new highest membership category.

Offered in conjunction with the UK's Chartered Institute of Taxation and being undertaken by a number of tax institutes around the world, the new designation will promote the highest standards of tax on the world stage.

The mark of expertise

The Tax Institute and our members are known for delivering the very highest standards in tax. To emphasise this, in addition to the launch of the new designation, The Tax Institute has adopted a new tagline,"The Mark of Expertise".

An expression of what the Institute and members stand for, the tagline describes to clients, employers and newcomers to the profession that they are dealing with the best and brightest in tax.

How does the re-branding and launch of the Chartered Tax Adviser designation affect members?

The introduction of the Chartered Tax Adviser is an important and significant step for all members of The Tax Institute working in Australia and internationally.

A global mark of excellence in tax, the Chartered Tax Adviser is the go-to brand for the highest quality tax advice. It will be recognised and respected around the world as a mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

Attaining this designation means joining a network of thousands of Chartered Tax Advisers worldwide.

Those granted with the Chartered Tax Adviser designation have proved themselves to be tax professionals of the highest calibre, and both employers and taxpayers seeking expert advice can be assured that they are working with the best and brightest in tax.


With the rebrand and the launch of our new Chartered Tax Adviser designation, members will be required to use the following new postnominals: 

  • Chartered Tax Adviser postnominals: CTA
  • Fellow postnominals: FTI
  • Associate postnominals: ATI


Logos are now available for Chartered Tax Adviser, Fellow and Associate members and can be downloaded from our website.