Structuring professional practices - changing times paper

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Publication date: 05 Mar 10


This paper covers:

  • structuring and tax - a quick review
  • structuring and professional obligations
  • auditors and liquidators
  • accountants
  • Regulation 9/1101
  • national legal profession legislation
  • professional standards legislation
  • tax agent services and structuring
  • where do lawyers fit with all of this?
  • asset protection
  • taxation issues
  • back to the future - Everett assignments.

Author profile:

Author Photo - Kenneth Schurgott CTA-Life
Kenneth Schurgott CTA-Life
Ken is a Tax and Commercial Law Director of Schurgott & Co Lawyers and Special Counsel with Brown Wright Stein Lawyers, Sydney. He has extensive experience in all aspects of tax (including State taxes and litigation), as well as business structuring, business sales and acquisitions, asset protection, succession planning and trust and estate law. Ken has been, until recently, a member of the Advisory Panel to the Board of Taxation and heavily engaged in on-going consultation in relation to the reform of the taxation of trusts and trust issues generally. He is a former President of The Tax Institute, Chairman of the International Relationships Committee of the Institute, a member of OATCA technical committee and Chairman of the policy committee of STEP Australia.
Current at 04 May 2015
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This was presented at 25th National Convention.

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