Stamp duty and GST issues arising from disposal of property and creation of rights presentation

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This presentation covers:

  • areas of divergence, interaction and correspondence between stamp duty and GST
  • a “business tax” - approach to analysis and characterisation
  • identification of consideration post Dick Smith
  • consequences of statutory and contractual adjustments to purchase price
  • is goodwill required for the GST-free supply of a going concern
  • transfers of property and payments by direction including transfers involving trustees/custodians
  • does consideration relate to the creation or exercise of rights?

Author profile:

Peter Green
Peter Green FTIA is a Partner at the Sydney office of Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Peter specialises in revenue law, including income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty Australia-wide and GST. Peter is the joint author of the third edition of Principles of Income Taxation.
Current at 06 May 2009
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This was presented at 22nd National Convention: Tackling Tax.

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