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A globally recognised designation

Do you want to receive specialist recognition for your skills and attract new clients?

Do you want a designation that describes what you do and conveys status and credibility?

Join The Tax Institute and become a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) to gain recognition in your field in Australia and overseas.

Tax professionals who are eligible for the Chartered Tax Adviser designation will gain credentials recognised in a number of international jurisdictions including the UK, Europe and Ireland. Attaining Chartered Tax Adviser status means Australian tax professionals can join a growing international network of Chartered Tax Advisers, and access international opportunities that were previously unattainable.

Why did we launch the new CTA designation?

For you.

While member feedback consistently suggests that our products and services are some of the best in the industry, it was clear to us that you wanted us to do more to increase your status and recognition in the tax profession – to ensure that, with your membership of the Institute, you stand apart.

The CTA designation was launched on 29 May 2012 at Opera Point Marquee at Sydney’s Opera House.

How can we increase recognition of the CTA designation in Australia?

As more countries offer the designation to their tax professionals, the power of the CTA brand will grow.

And as more and more tax professionals achieve CTA status in Australia, the tax profession and the Australian tax paying public will come to recognise their Chartered Tax Adviser as a global leader with the qualifications, experience and integrity to manage their tax affairs.

With your help, the CTA will be the sought after tax qualification in Australia, as it is in the UK, Europe, Ireland and beyond.

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