Skills come<br>from knowledge

Skills come
from knowledge

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Achieve a recognised qualification

CTA2 Advanced provides the research skills to arrive at solutions to difficult tax scenarios to give you the confidence to provide quality advice.

“CTA2 Advanced has provided me with a greater knowledge of tax, but also the ability to research and prepare detailed solutions – all essential skills required in the workplace.”

Nicole David, CTA

Accounting and Taxation Manager

Shadforth Financial Group

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Increase your tax knowledge

CTA2 Advanced is ideal if you want to take the next step in your career in tax by developing your technical skills across a broad range of tax topics.

“CTA2 Advanced is a great course which allowed me to build on my expertise, broaden my knowledge and keep me at the forefront of the current taxation.”

Renae Korsman, ATI


Crosbie Warren Sinclair

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Gain real commercial skills

CTA2 Advanced helps to improve your commercial skills to increase the productivity and profitability of your firm, as well as your employability.

“CTA2 Advanced built my confidence and ability to research and arrive at solutions to difficult scenarios when they arrive.”

David Olofinsky, CTA


Eagle Financial Pty Ltd

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