North Queensland Convention 2009

06 Aug 2009
Hilton Hotel, Cairns

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This event covered a variety of tax topics, including:

  • property deals
  • superannuation and small business issues
  • trusts and estates
  • taxpayer penalties
  • Government grants for business.

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Individual sessions from this event:

Tax update

Author(s):  Stephen GRAW

This paper gives an update on the relevant case, legislative and ruling changes since the last North Queensland Convention as they impact on the tax practitioner.

Material from this session:

Some of the “other” CGT concessions

Author(s):  Richard J FRIEND

While all the focus of recent years has been on the CGT SB concessions, this paper focuses on some of the neglected, but important, CGT concessions, including:

  • a man's home is his castle - but is it his main residence?
  • death - is it the tax answer you want?
  • will personal assets give you a good tax result?

Material from this session:

Superannuation update

Author(s):  Ian BURGESS

This paper covers:

  • what impact will the Henry Review and 2009 Budget changes have on super strategies?
  • what are the latest views of the ATO and the Courts on SMSF investment issues?
  • what do SMSF auditors need to know about new guidelines and standards?

Material from this session:

Seeking a sea change: Contemporary charity law and tax issues

Author(s):  Heather WATSON

This paper covers:

  • identifying current tax issues for charitable entities
  • recent case law development
  • discussion on the growth of philanthropic trusts and key issues
  • outline of options for structuring charitable trusts outside of wills including impact of family provision applications and other claims against the estate on gifts to charities
  • tax treatment of charitable trusts.

Material from this session:

Terminations & redundancies unravelled

Author(s):  Jamie TOWERS

As well as the emotional cost of a termination to the business owner and the individual in question, there can be significant tax costs involved. Practitioners will be increasingly called upon to provide advice on the correct tax treatment and other issues to be considered around termination payments. This paper covers:

  • employment termination payments
  • genuine redundancy payments
  • superannuation aspects
  • transitional termination payments, and
  • other considerations such as:
    • employee share plans
    • payroll tax
    • FBT, and
    • excessive remuneration to associates.

Material from this session:

CGT & duty implications of protecting an estate against a claim

Author(s):  Steven GRANT

This presentation covers:

  • gifting a property before death
  • Kennon v. Spry
  • property in joint names
  • transferring property via wills or agreements: mutual wills, binding financial agreements and binding death nominations
  • dealing with settlement of claims in a tax effective manner.

Material from this session:

Selling a business in difficult times

Author(s):  John MIDDLETON

This paper covers:

  • getting your business ready for sale
  • distressed sales
  • important legal issues (as opposed to tax issues)
  • case studies of what can go wrong.

Material from this session:

R&D tax credits - A fresh start

Author(s):  Tracey MURRAY

This paper covers:

  • recap of the current R&D Tax Concession program
  • budget update
    • abolition of the R&D Tax Concession program
    • introduction of the R&D Tax Credit system
  • eligibility to R&D tax credits
    • businesses with a turnover in excess of $20 million
    • businesses with a turnover of less than $20 million
  • R&D Tax planning opportunities during the transition period
  • other Government grants, including the EMDG.

Material from this session:

GST and property 10 years on - Reflections, war stories and predictions

Author(s):  Russell BEER

This presentation cover GST and property.

Material from this session: