Will the Institute launch a new logo and "look and feel" to further enhance the term "Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)"?

Yes. There will be a new logo for decals, stationery etc featuring the new designation that qualifying practising members and their firms can use. We have also introduced the tagline "The Mark of Expertise" in order to further enhance the brand.

How can I promote the new designation to my clients?

By prominently displaying your membership certificate and decal and including The Tax Institute Chartered Tax Adviser logo on your business cards and stationery.

You can explain to your clients that the designation is already recognised in the UK, Europe and Ireland. The Tax Institute and other tax professional bodies around the world are positioning the Chartered Tax Adviser designation as the global mark of excellence in taxation and the "go to" brand for the highest quality tax advice.

Whether someone is an employer or a taxpayer seeking expert tax advice, they can be reassured that when they engage a Chartered Tax Adviser they will be appointing a tax professional who has proved themselves to be of the highest calibre.

What implications does the introduction of the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) brand have for the Affiliate and Fellow qualifications?

By positioning the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation as global mark of excellence in taxation and the 'go to' brand for the highest quality tax advice, The Tax Institute aims to increase the profile of the expertise of all our members, not just those who achieve the Chartered Tax Adviser designation.

Affiliates and Fellows will continue to be recognised for their skills and will receive the status and recognition of belonging to a community known to attract the best and brightest tax professionals.

How is The Tax Institute promoting the new professional identity "Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)"?

The Tax Institute will maintain an ongoing awareness campaign aimed at key audiences including students, the business community and the general public.  

How can a new member qualify for the CTA designation?

Qualifying tax professionals will be eligible to apply to be admitted as a Chartered Tax Adviser if he or she: