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Give yourself the edge with free student membership of The Tax Institute

If you are a tertiary education student, The Tax Institute can help you progress in your career journey.

Your qualification puts you on the path for your career but doesn't exactly open every door. From here on, the journey is about making the right choices, working with the right companies, and absorbing the expertise of industry professionals. And it's about gaining the professional edge that will help you secure a strong place in business.

That's where The Tax Institute comes in.

The Tax Institute offers FREE student membership with a unique opportunity to access the most current developments within the tax field. Membership also offers postgraduates courses to help you link your academic studies to the workplace and the opportunity to find jobs in the taxation field.

Benefits of student membership

Status and recognition
Being part of the leading body of tax professionals and opening doors to opportunities.

Online resources
The Tax Institute website is a useful resource when preparing assignments and conducting research. It includes breaking daily news and updates, access to cases, rulings, legislation, seminar and convention papers, submissions on tax policy, administration and technical matters, archives of articles from Institute journals, updates on offers and events.

Online job posting service. A powerful career tool and a direct link to opportunities within the tax profession. It brings together employers and job seekers Australia-wide.

Monthly student e-newsletter - with various helpful information, including access to previous and sample exam questions to give you the edge when preparing for exams. Click here to consult ConTax latest version.

Taxation in Australia Journal (online access)
Australia's leading monthly tax journal written by practitioners, it includes the latest tax news, rulings, ATO developments, product information
and handy tips.

TaxVine e-newsletter (online)
An informative weekly e-newsletter with a helpful overview of the latest tax news and technical updates.

Significantly discounted rates to attend Tax Institute seminars and events delivered by experts in the field. You will also receive discounts on online resources, publications and books.

Networking opportunities
Enjoy networking with influential figures in the taxation profession as well as fellow students, prospective employers and future colleagues. Networking is a very important part of sharing tax knowledge and gaining a better understanding of how tax issues are managed across the profession. (Discounted and some free).

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Why a career in Tax?

Tax affects everyone - how much you earn, spend and invest depends on various aspects of the tax system. Tax is part of government, business and indeed everyday life. That's why intelligent and experienced tax professionals are always highly sought after.

Tax professionals enjoy a fulfilled career, filled with complex, technically challenging work, a chance to get inside the client's business and affect and implement significant business decisions, opportunities to build vast networks and opportunities to develop significant management and leadership skills.

Australia's tax system is one of the most complex in the world. Your clients will rely on your expertise and advice in managing their tax obligations and associated risks.

As a tax practitioner you may one day lead your own team or even your own firm in engaging with Australia's premier businesses to develop creative solutions for your client's problems.

Rewarding in every way a career should be:

Professionally rewarding: develop a large range of technical, business and problem solving skills that you will use throughout your developing career. Tax is an exciting blend of legal and/or accounting analysis and business acumen. Businesses rely extensively on and highly respect their tax advisors. Tax practitioners also typically enjoy real job security.

Financially rewarding: Tax professionals posses vastly specialised knowledge which is usually further developed through significant technical training and further study. This knowledge coupled with business skills ensures that tax professionals are financially rewarded for the value they bring to the table.

Personally rewarding: Being part of the tax profession requires you to change and adapt to constantly changing tax laws. Each change poses a chance to learn and grow, and a chance to expand your practice. You will constantly engage with new and challenging problems and develop crucial business skills, making for a rewarding work life.

For more information on working in the tax profession, please click here.

The Tax Institute's careers guide

The Tax Institute's careers guide is a complete guide to all of the career options available in the tax field. With information about key players in the industry along with areas of employment and job roles, it contains all you need to know if you're considering a career in Tax.

For your complimentary copy, simply join The Tax Institute as a student member.

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TaxCareers is The Tax Institute's online job posting service. It's a powerful career tool and a direct link to opportunities within the tax profession. It brings together employers and job seekers Australia-wide.

View current vacancies on TaxCareers.

Studying at The Tax Institute

CTA1 Foundations increases confidence, productivity and career opportunities.

CTA1 Foundations is the vital link between academic studies and workplace practice. It provides new entrants to the profession with a working knowledge of tax compliance requirements to the Australian tax system.

Highly regarded by employers and developed and delivered by practitioners, CTA1 Foundations provides candidates the opportunity to learn and retain key principles and processes required to be successful in the taxation profession.

Build your competitive edge

Ideal for recent graduates of accounting or law, it provides the competitive edge to establish a career in tax. The course will expand your knowledge across all areas of tax to provide more depth to your degree and attract employers' attention!

For more information on The Tax Institute's CTA1 Foundations, click here.

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Free student membership gives you unique access to many services and benefits and the most current developments in the tax field. All student members will receive a complimentary copy of The Tax Institute's careers guide.

Student membership is only open to full-time and part-time undergraduates, and full-time postgraduates.




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