Tax Agent Services Regime

Welcome to the leading information source for details and updates on the new Tax Agent Services Regime.

This website has information on the implementation of the new regime, and how you and your business will be affected. The Tax Institute, Australia's leading authority on tax education, is hosting this website to provide information and updates for all practitioners affected.

1 March 2010 saw the commencement of the new Tax Agent Regime after many years in gestation. It's a significant event for the tax profession, and being seen and referred by many as the birth of the tax profession. Whilst some may see it as merely a change in the administrative processes surrounding the registration of tax agents, it is much more than that and presents a great opportunity. The regime provides the profession with the legislative framework to enhance the status and reputation of the tax professional as a highly credentialed, knowledgeable and expert business advisor.

The Institute will continue to be very active in this regard and take the views and opinions of its members into the various consultative forums

Noel Rowland, CEO, The Tax Institute

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