Why you need an Engagement Letter

Right now we are working on a series of vital tools and information to assist Tax Agents to prepare for the commencement of the new Regime in early 2010. Part 1: ‘The need for an Engagement Letter’ is now available to download here for FREE.

The Engagement Letter is restricted to the obligations of Tax Agents under the new Code and even if you already use an Engagement Letter you are likely to need a new letter next year that deals specifically with the Code. To keep things simple we have re-named the 14 paragraphs of the Code, as ‘Rules’ and divided the obligations of Agents under the Code into 4 broad categories: Disclosure; Limitations; Duties and Rights.

If you are concerned about how you can become compliant with the mandatory obligations of the Regime, or importantly how you will fulfil your obligations under the Code of Conduct, then you need the complete series of tools and information on CD-ROM.

The complete series is available as a bonus toolkit on CD-ROM if you purchase the Tax Agents Manual.

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