TaxLine is a free research service provided to members of The Tax Institute.

The Tax Institute has one of the most extensive tax libraries in Australia. With TaxLine, you’ve not only got access to this unique collection of Australian and international tax material, but also to our expert team who will scour these wide-ranging and up-to-date resources to find the information you’re after. 

It’s like having your own virtual research team. 

Questions from members we’ve been able to assist with in the past have included:

“I’m after some information on the 50% discount of CGT for non-residents.” 

“What are the residency tests for determining whether you are a Dutch tax resident?”

“Can you send me a copy of the case Purves v Smith [1944] VLR 186?”

“Where can I find a copy of the New Zealand – Fiji Double Tax Treaty?”

“Please send me information on the CGT implications of deferred settlements/earn-outs.” 

If you're struggling with a client issue like any of those above - or virtually any other tax-related issue - simply email us your request and we’ll send you back information in the form of published commentary, articles, legislation and similar, to assist. 

Our turnaround time is a maximum of five working days, and we will inform you if there is going to be a delay. We can also fast track your request if it’s urgent, though this does incur an $80 fee.

Please note we cannot provide you with advice or an opinion.

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