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The Tax Institute runs over 300 CPD seminars a year and the majority of our speakers dedicate considerable time and effort in preparing and writing papers and presentations. All papers and powerpoint presentations provided by the speakers from our seminars are available through the website individually or through a Tax Knowledge eXchange subscription.

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  • NSW 8th Annual Tax Forum

    21 May 2015
    Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydeny

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    Some of the topics covered at the NSW 8th Annual Tax Forum were:

    • current issues with trusts - the important things you should know
    • Division 7A - putting your hands in the till without getting your fingers burnt
    • now you see them, now you don’t - borrowings in SMSFs
    • simplification of a corporate group
    • reconstruction in tax - the Chevron case and TR 2014/6
    • group tax manager panel - how do you manage tax risks in a more transparent world?
    • the “not-so-new” Part IVA - an ATO perspective
    • the SME guide to resolving ATO disputes
    • ADR in a tax context from a mediator’s perspective

  • Accounting Standards Update for Tax Professionals 2015

    07 May 2015
    RACV Club, Melbourne

    Corporate tax managers, tax advisers, tax accountants and lawyers will appreciate that keeping up-to-date with constant changes to the tax law is an exhausting exercise. However, with the increasing reliance on accounting standards and principles to determine income tax outcomes, tax professionals must also keep abreast of key changes to accounting requirements.

    This event covered:

    • identified the key developments in accounting standards, particularly in relation to the new revenue recognition standard, AASB 15 revenue from contracts with customers, AASB 9 financial instruments and the leases project, and considered consequential tax impacts
    • provided updates on corporations legislation amendments including capital and dividend management impacts
    • identified and discussed trends in financial reporting including disclosure effectiveness, particularly in relation to tax transparency initiatives
    • discussed the ATO’s recently announced tax effect accounting work papers access initiative.

  • 48th South Australian Convention

    07 May 2015
    Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, Adelaide

    This event was the premier event for tax professionals and offered a great forum to stay up to date and to maintain their technical knowledge. This event had practical technical sessions for tax professionals with an emphasis on “real world” application.

  • Raising Finance

    05 May 2015
    KPMG, Melbourne

    The 2015 Young Tax Professionals Series features 6 sessions delivered by highly reputed practitioners. The series will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore the practical issues faced by tax practitioners, including the fundamental tax and legal issues to be considered at each stage of the life cycle of a business from formation to sale. This event covered raising finance.

  • 2015 Western Australian Tax Intensive

    30 Apr 2015
    Novotel Vines Swan Valley Resort, WA

    This event is designed for participants who are mid to senior level tax practitioners. It covered topics including:

    • tips, traps and uncertainties in the not-so-easy small business CGT concessions
    • getting value out of companies
    • getting value out of trusts.

  • Div 7A Deadly Sins

    22 Apr 2015
    Edwards Marshall, Adelaide

    Division 7A imposes significant restrictions on the ability to access wealth in private companies and manage trust taxation liabilities through distributions to private companies. This event considered strategies to rectify compliance problems and identify the tax planning opportunities that still exist.

  • Making the Most of your Superannuation Fund

    21 Apr 2015
    City West Receptions, West Perth

    A superannuation fund is simply an investment vehicle which attracts certain tax concessions. The regulatory environment that shrouds these vehicles with complexity must be navigated by advisers to ensure that each member maximises their opportunity to invest tax effectively.

    This covered a number of strategies that advisers can use to facilitate this.

  • Getting ready to exit an SME business - How to maximise the after tax sale price

    14 Apr 2015
    National Australia Bank, Sydney

    In order to maximize the return on investment, business owners need to prepare their business for sale well in advance of the sale process. This requires a consideration and management of a number of factors both internal and external to the business.

    This event covered:

    • selecting the right team to manage the sale process. This will involve a consideration of the skills required for the process and an identification of the internal and external resources that may be required to facilitate a successful sale
    • getting your house in order - conducting your own presale review and identifying and remedying any issue identified
    • market considerations and impact on valuation expectations
    • taxation considerations
    • how to avoid common mistakes when getting a business ready for sale.

  • Structures: Companies, trusts and partnerships

    02 Apr 2015
    NAB, Sydney

    This event covered the following topics:

    • assessing your client’s situation using the information available
    • using case studies, explore the pros and cons of each structure
    • deciding on the best structure for your clients.