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April’s issue of Taxation in Australia covers:The Taxation in Australia Journal cover

  • Cover article: Australian TOFA implications for insurers from the NZ Sovereign Assurance case - Joanne Dunne, CTA, and James Hamblin, CTA

Feature articles:

  • Enforcement of tax liabilities and solvency - Nishad Kulkarni
  • Limiting abuse of administrative power and enhancing economic welfare - John Azzi, CTA

Alongside these great regular features:

  • Tax cases: An unintended waiver of legal professional privilege - Michael Norbury, CTA
  • Alternative assets insights: The Sojitz case: Implications for landholder duty and TARP - Costa Koutsis, CTA and Rachael Cullen
  • Superannuation: Temporary incapacity can provide welcome relief - Daniel Butler, CTA
  • Accounting for tax: A tale of two rulings or: How I learned to stop worrying and love uncertainty - Arthur Athanasiou, CTA
  • Mid market focus: Property development: Property becoming trading stock - Amy Wark and Josh Chye
  • A matter of trusts: Director’s breach of fiduciary duties results in a clawback of super contributions - Melissa Brazzale and Philip Broderick, CTA
  • Tax Counsel's report: Immediate opportunities for tax system improvement - Stephanie Caredes, CTA.

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Important information on accessing our iPad app

If you’ve already downloaded our iPad app prior to August 2014, you must update to the current version to for continued access to Taxation in Australia on your iPad. If you do not update you will not have access to new issues of the journal in the app.

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Downloading the app for new users

New users can access Taxation in Australia in the new ‘The Tax Institute App’ by visiting the App Store or the Google Play store. The app is free to download and use, however some items such as our eBooks, must be purchased within the app to access.

About Taxation in Australia on iPad and Android

Taxation in Australia is available from mid-August 2014 as part of our new ‘The Tax Institute App’.

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