Some of the “other” CGT concessions paper

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While all the focus of recent years has been on the CGT SB concessions, this paper focuses on some of the neglected, but important, CGT concessions, including:

  • a man's home is his castle - but is it his main residence?
  • death - is it the tax answer you want?
  • will personal assets give you a good tax result?

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Author Photo - Richard Friend CTA
Richard Friend CTA
Richard spent most of the first 23 years of his professional career in Brisbane in the tax practice of Andersen and then Ernst & Young. Since 2006, he has operated a tax consulting business through Balena Tassa Pty Ltd. Richard has developed particular expertise in all aspects of structuring for tax, investment planning, superannuation and estate planning for SME and high net worth clients. Most of this work is done by way of consulting to, and providing training for, accountants and lawyers who operate in these areas.
Current at 02 June 2014
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This was presented at North Queensland Convention 2009.

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