Superannuation and estate planning (Part 1) - your super may live on even if you don't/(Part 2) Death may not always be a detriment (except for you)

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Publication date: 20 Nov 01


Part One of this powerpoint presentation discusses superannuation and estate planning, with a focus on self-managed superannuation funds and estate planning, tax effective ways of combining superannuation with estate planning, superannuation death benefits as part of estate planning, binding death benefit nominations, tax implication of death. Part 2 discusses options for death benefits, tax implications of 'death' benefit pensions, death benefits and children under 18 years, pensions for beneficiaries arising from death, who can be nominated to receive a death benefit from a retirement income stream?

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Andrew Skinner
Andrew is the Principal of Andrew Skinner & Associates. He holds a Bachelor and Masters of Economics and is currently completing a Masters of Taxation. He is a fellow of the Tax Institute, and a member of Superannuation Australia and of the Taxpayers Association of Australia.
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This was presented at All You Need To Know About Estate Planning.

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