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This paper looks at how to deal with tax risk - looking at matters in respect of corporate governance, managing resources and relationships and staying in a job, from the perspective of internal tax managers. Including:

  • Position of Directors and other Officers
  • Position of internal tax managers and staff
  • Position of external Tax Advisors
  • Getting the most out of the relationship between internal and external advisors
  • Getting the most out of the relationship between internal advisors and the ATO relationship managers
  • Dealing with Treasury (law change)
  • Getting the most out of the relationship between internal advisors and external auditors
  • Getting the most out of the relationship between internal advisors and internal auditors - a report card
  • Importance of a Corporate Values System
  • Role of voluntary disclosure
  • What tax issues should be referred to the board?
  • What tax issues should be referred to external advisers - accountants, solicitors, barristers, valuers?
  • How do you advise the board?
  • What do you really need?
  • What is really at stake?

Author profile:

Author Photo - Andrew Mills CTA-Life
Andrew Mills CTA-Life
Andrew commenced the role of Second Commissioner in March 2014. Andrew has overall responsibility for the ATO's law practice, including law interpretation, dispute resolution and the ATO's role in policy and law design. Andrew has over 30 years experience in taxation including periods in the ATO, commerce and the tax profession. Andrew was a Director of the specialist national tax firm, Greenwoods & Freehills for over 20 years and Managing Director of the firm from 2006 to 2011. Andrew was the 2006-2007 President of The Tax Institute, a Governor of the Taxation Research Foundation and also represented industry bodies across a number of sectors.
Current at 18 May 2015
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This was presented at NSW Annual Intensive Retreat: Managing tax risk for corporate taxpayers.

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