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Important changes to NSW stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax.

Publication date: 07 Nov 14 | Source: CCH TAX WEEK

Issue: Issue 43, 31 Oct 2014

Pages: pp. 1-4


The State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2014 (NSW) (Bill) received Royal Assent on 23 October 2014. This Bill makes important changes to NSW stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax which are of interest to business owners, property developers and persons with self managed superannuation funds (in respect of NSW property).

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Author profiles

Dung Lam CTA
Dung is a Tax Team Leader at Argyle Lawyers with more than 20 years’ experience in advising on a wide variety of taxes including income tax, capital gains tax, GST and state taxes such as duty, payroll tax and land tax. Dung also has extensive experience advising on taxation trusts, superannuation issues in the self-managed superannuation funds arena and tax issues related to estate planning. Dung advises a broad range of clients ranging from corporates, small to medium enterprises, high net worth individuals, professional firms, accountants, financial planners and their clients. - Current at 26 June 2019
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Duncan Bedford ATI
Duncan, of McCullough Robertson, has a background in general commercial law and brings a practical approach to the advice he provides clients across a range of industries. He is an expert in business and transaction structuring and taxation, particularly stamp duty. Duncan’s experience includes designing and implementing effective structures for transactions and asset ownership to obtain advantageous tax and stamp duty outcomes, and advising on stamp duty exemptions, assessments, private rulings and objections. He also advises on corporate reconstructions, demergers, holding company interpositions and rollovers, and general commercial matters, offering cost-effective solutions to taxation and revenue issues. - Current at 21 February 2018
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Lyndon Garbutt CTA
Lyndon is a principal and founder at West Garbutt. Lyndon is a qualified lawyer, chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser who advises on GST, payroll tax, land tax, income tax, capital gains tax and the establishment of private ancillary foundations. His diverse experience in dealing with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) from an accounting and a legal perspective has given him a valuable insight into the motivation of agencies. Lyndon has acted for clients from diverse backgrounds in a wide range of industries, including the non-profit and charities sector. He has been involved in representing the interests of clients during ATO reviews and audits, drafting objections to ATO decisions and drafting applications for private binding rulings. Lyndon has also successfully negotiated with the ATO regarding the imposition of penalties, remission of interest charges, lifting of garnishee orders and negotiations regarding director penalty notices and payment arrangements. Lyndon has acted for clients in appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, successfully negotiating settlements before the commencement of formal proceedings. Lyndon’s experience also includes drafting and managing submissions to State revenue authorities regarding land tax and the application of payroll tax, including during State revenue authority audits. Lyndon drafts and lodges objections and appeals against payroll tax assessments and Commissioner decisions, including decisions relating to grouping of businesses for payroll tax purposes and the application of the contractor and employment agent provisions. Lyndon’s experience includes advising charities, non-profits and other organisations on the availability of a range of exemptions and concessions from land tax and payroll tax, including seeking refunds of overpaid tax for past years. - Current at 19 September 2019
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