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Australian wholesale tax in perspective paper

Published on 01 Jan 83 by Australian Tax Research Foundation

In this volume Professor Groenewegen from the University of Sydney provides the only detailed discussion of the Australian Sales Tax to appear since the 1950s. It examines the appropriateness of extending the Wholesale Sales Tax in order to raise the relative importance of taxing goods and services and lowering it on personal income.

After recording the history of the tax, the author examines the base, rate, scale and administrative arrangements for its assessment and collection as a prelude to examining its effects. These are later analysed under the headings of incidence, equity, inflationary consequences, efficiency considerations, liquidity effects, avoidance, evasion and administrative and compliance cost. The author concludes that the Wholesale Sales Tax is not the answer to raising the level of taxation of goods and services in an equitable and efficient manner.


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