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Housing finance in Australia: The impact of taxation paper

Published on 01 Jan 87 by Australian Tax Research Foundation

This paper examines the effect on housing of the tax structure which followed the Taxation Summit of 1985, which the authors believe fails to benefit housing financiers and their borrowers. Changes required to introduce "a level playing field" are seen as reform of the tax structure to neutralise
the effect of inflation, consideration of the tax position of favoured financial organisations, the quarantining of negative gearing for all forms of investment, and the introduction of full taxation treatment of housing, with imputed rent taxed but with all expenses deductible.

Author profiles

Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon is Head of the Government's Policy Co-ordination Unit in the Department of Community Services. - Current at 18 October 2012
John is Assistant Executive Director of the Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies. - Current at 22 November 2012


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