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Tax value method: Consultative conference paper

Published on 01 Jan 01 by Australian Tax Research Foundation

This volume includes papers presented at a Consultative Conference on the Tax Value Method held on 23-24 July 2001 in Sydney. The conference was organised by the Australian Taxation Studies Program (ATAX) at the University of New South Wales and sponsored by the Board of Taxation.

This conference volume reports on the debate at a crucial stage in the public consultation process in Australia over the introduction of the Tax Value Method of measuring income for businesses. The papers discuss all aspects on the issue of how business income should and could be measured as well as issues of simplicity and administratie feasibility.

Author profiles

Yuri Grbich, Foundation Director of Australian Taxation Studies Program (ATAX), Professor of Law, Law Faculty, University of New South Wales.
Prof Neil Warren
Professor Neil Warren works for Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales - Current at 01 April 2012
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