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The taxation of company and business income paper

Published on 01 Jan 95 by Australian Tax Research Foundation

This study examines the current Australian company tax imputation system and business income taxation. Various for potential improvement are considered which are consistent with the taxation principles underlying imputation and which are conducive to a more equitable inefficient tax system.
The underlying deficiencies of the current system are highlighted as its failure to follow through the principal of imputation further towards integration of company and personal income taxation. The study argues that short of full integration, it is possible to make considerable improvement to the system ofcompany tax so that companies and their shareholders are not disadvantaged as against partnerships, trusts and other non-corporate conduits for business income. In regard to measuring business income as opposed to its tracing to its ultimate beneficial recipients, the study suggests a need to recognise that a range of costs which are presently non-deductible or which are written off too slowly should be made deductible or written off more quickly.

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Dr Terence Dwyer CTA
Terry is Visiting Fellow, National Centre for Development Studies, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management, Australian National University. - Current at 06 January 2003
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