Kathryn Harris, CTA, Tax Partner at TrustOne Partners and self-proclaimed “tax geek,” says she would love to see more women succeed in the tax profession.

“It's still a very male dominated profession and while I think women bring a different perspective, it can be difficult to break through.

“Often, I think we play down our differences rather than embracing them,” she adds.

Why tax?

For Kathryn, the attraction and a challenge of working in tax is the constant change and the complexity of tax law.

“I love tax law, as weird as that is,” she says.

“And I love small business so it was an ideal combination for me.”

She has also been nominated for two Women in Finance Awards this year - Small Business Adviser of the Year and Accountant of the Year.

“For me it’s amazing to be recognised in amongst women of incredible calibre,” she says.

“I often don’t value my work very highly so this makes me stop and reflect and realise that I am good at what I do.

As for work life balance, Kathryn jokingly says, “Is there life outside work??”

In all seriousness, though…

“Work life balance means being able to work in a profession I'm passionate about while still having the flexibility to be there for my family and friends,” she explains.

Advice: go forth and conquer

Kathryn says tax a fascinating profession with so many variables and different avenues to pursue.

“I also think now there is a lot more flexibility in the work place than when I started out,” she points out.

“While I won't say it's easy, you can definitely have a satisfying career in tax as well as having a family or pursuing other interests - it all depends on what you want to get out of it.

“I would love to see more women succeed in our profession and am always keen to mentor or offer advice to other women,” she adds.

About Kathryn

Kathryn loves to study and is currently undertaking a law degree. She’s passionate about technology, gadgets, crochet, and raising Australorp chickens and blue Swedish ducks. Plus, she has 4 children and now a granddaughter to keep her busy.

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