Adele Townsend, CTA, and Partner at BDO, shares her advice for women beginning a career in tax.

“The advice that I'd give women who are beginning a career in tax is to look at it as a long-term career and pace yourself,” she says.

“And at the time, if you can devote a lot of energy in a particular point in time really go for it.

“And in other points you might be able to use that expertise to help you during your career because there can be periods of time where you may not be able to keep as up to date or as fully involved in your career,” she adds.

It’s all about timing

Adele says work-life balance means to having some balance across your career and your personal life, when you need it.

“For instance, in my career I've had periods of time where I've taken some time out to care for my children full time.

“I've had other periods where I've worked part-time.

“Now that my children are in university, I'm working full time and long hours,” she adds.

Adele has mentored quite a few people practicing in tax within her division. She likes to work with them to pass on some of the learnings from her career, but admits it is a mutually beneficial experience too.

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