Roslyn Anderson, ATI, Chief Financial Controller at Wales Truck Repairs, began her career studying a Certificate of Accounting, then went on to Western Sydney University for a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). She then completed her CPA, followed by a Master of Commerce (Accounting) to this year becoming a Chartered Accountant. 

“I learnt so much at university about all the challenges to tax law through the court system and thrived on it,” she says. 

“My lecturer suggested my talent was law and I should consider studying towards a law degree.”

As a financial controller, tax is an integral part of Roslyn’s career, and can also be “life consuming” with the constant changes to local, state and federal government. 

“There are constant changes to all the levels of legislation and the various kinds of taxes from local government council rates to state government levies, and federal government income and consumption taxes,” explains Roslyn.

“They all have different names to avoid the use of the word “tax” which is interpreted as ‘compulsory contribution,’” she adds. 

Advice for women in tax

Roslyn says that although the tax fraternity is supportive of each other, it is still quite male-dominated

“It is still a little more difficult to form friendships over football, lager comparisons and golf strokes, if that is not your forte,” she adds.

As it is a “tough world out there”, her advice to women in tax is to always stay one step ahead. 

“A great leader will not just hold the ball (that perfect mass of information with so much potential), a great leader will run with it,” she says.

“Whilst I always love a challenge, it can still seem overwhelming.

“Take a deep breath and jump in - never give up.”

Work life balance

Roslyn says she believes there is always a choice. 

“You just have to make the right one,” she says. 

“Can this report wait until tomorrow when my mind will be fresh anyway? 

“Can I skip the night out with the girls just this once so I can get this finished?

“It’s my choice,” she adds.

About Roslyn

Roslyn says she does have a life beyond football and beer, and is currently on the Board of a children’s charity. She also enjoys cooking, art, and weekend marathons.

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