Already enjoying a successful career? You can kick it up a notch with these 5 tactics guaranteed to generate mental peak performance.

Mental peak performance is relevant for all career types, not just tax; whether you are just starting out in your career or you are a leader in your field.

Suzy Jacobs is a renowned MC and will be hosting the Women in Tax National Congress this year.

She is an Activator of Mental Peak Performance with three decades of experience at the coal face of commerce, 15 years exploring human potential and 11 years educating and training business owners. Activator Academy (of which she is founder and director) is creating a hard edge to soft skills. Giving leaders, teams and organisations the vocabulary, frameworks, processes to increase mental peak performance as a path to profit. Suzy is an emcee, adventurer, trekker, supporter of Australian fashion and mother of two divine and independent human beings.

Here are her 5 tactics for achieving more in less time.

1. Get out, get active

Suzy says learning new skills unrelated to work has a multiplying effect on mental agility, particularly if you undertake something that stretches you past your comfort zone.

"I'm learning to surf at the moment; fifty-two, learning to surf,” she admits.

“Why? Because it’s uncomfortable, it challenges my balance, co-ordination and I’m forced to use my body in different ways.

“I'm doing something I have no idea how to do in an arena I have little knowledge about”.

2. Take out the trash

Suzy says our brain gets overloaded with routine, mundane ‘stuff’ that prevents us accessing the truly creative part of our brain, and this is bad for business.

"I use this lovely tool called Morning Pages by Julia Cameron, The Artists Way.

"You wake up and spend the first 20 minutes dumping the data from your night of unconscious processing.”

This is not journaling. It is literally dumping (not censoring) whatever is on your mind; It doesn’t need to make sense, doesn’t need to be complete sentences but you do need to do it using old-school pen/pencil and paper.

“I use this technique during times of high stress or when I’m working on complex problems and the result is amazing. I feel like a frikkin genius!” 

She says finding tools that help clear the mind is pretty critical for a high mental performance state.

3. Say NO more often

“Setting clear work boundaries is essential because rest is imperative to high mental peak performance,” explains Suzy.

Even though there is a plethora of information available at our fingertips about how to set work boundaries and the importance of these, she says very few people actually implement the correct habits.

“Women can improve their mental performance exponentially by just saying no more often” says Suzy. “Too often we say yes for the wrong reason and then spend far too much time wishing we’d said no”.

She says a productive way of setting and keeping boundaries is with an “annual check-up or check-in with a mentor or coach outside your business” to keep yourself accountable.

4. Leadership is a doing word

This one seems to go without saying, but Suzy makes the distinction clear for leaders.

"Do as I do, not as I say,” she says.

“You want to inspire and demonstrate leadership, which means you are creating, living and experiencing your true values and culture.

“Your team is watching and waiting for you. They want you to share, guide and educate them.”

Suzy says long gone are the days of, “I tell you how to do it and then I do something different.”  

Leaders need to share their experiences, vulnerabilities and see it as a way of creating a team that are empowered, engaged and are fulfilling on their potential in life.

5. ‘Soft’ skills enhance success

We come from a world that has put all the focus on being able to sharpen our intellect to deliver on our job, says Suzy.

But we now know, thanks to the likes of Dan Goldman (godfather of emotional intelligence), Suzy says,

“How we communicate, how we engage with people is the critical factor for our personal and professional success.”

She cites the example of Martin Luther King Jr. who was able to inspire millions of people.

"He didn't say, ‘I have a plan, let me tell you all about it and how we're going to do it’.”

“He was able to inspire people with his energy, with his words, with his vision.

“Great team leaders and emerging practitioners want to be able to use the same skills to make their way forward in life.”

Suzy explains that whilst intellect and technical skills are important, finding happiness, giving and allowing others to find that same happiness at work are just as crucial.

“Success in business comes at a high cost if it’s won at the expense of a successful life.  

“We will have longer, more fulfilling careers when we experience the full spectrum of good health, wellness, social engagement and self-development.”

Looking for more motivation?

Make sure to catch Suzy hosting this year’s #WITNC2019

“I love making things pretty simple for people,” she says.

“At the Congress, I'm going to share a framework that I called teams that ROCC, which is all about teams that know how to relate, operate, create and communicate to increase productivity, efficiency and create more joy at work.

“I'm going to be sharing that framework and providing some examples and insights on how to go about implementing it.”

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