The Women in Tax National Congress is almost here! Keynote speaker Chelsea Pottenger explains how creating a framework and set of habits can help drive growth across both work and home life.

Chelsea Pottenger is an international conference speaker and psychology and neuroscience scholar. She is known for her passion, inspiration and authenticity and she inspires people to take accountability of their wellbeing.

At the Women in Tax National Congress, she will be speaking about High Performance Habits.

As an ambassador for the Gidget Foundation and RUOK, Chelsea’s focus is on mental health and improving the wellbeing of Australians. 

“I’m currently studying Psychology after spending many years in the corporate sector burning the candle at both ends,” she says.

“This has given me an insight into making mental health a priority in the workplace to improve both happiness and productivity.

We asked Chelsea what delegates will take away from her session.

“I will share many tips and tools to help you perform at your best,” she says.

“We often are expected to deliver so much, but if we are not taking care of ourselves, there is little chance that we can be at our most productive.

“Creating a framework and set of habits that keep us at our mental peak will help drive growth and performance across both our work life and our home life.”

Great leaders come in many shapes and sizes

The session will arm you with some practical tools that can be implemented to combat rumination, improve resilience, increase emotional agility and just live a happier and more mindful life.

“I pride myself on merging theory (or the science behind it) with practical tools that can be implemented in the workplace and home life,” she says.

“Great leaders come in many shapes and sizes, and the right type of leader needs to be in the right situation. 

“I always admire leaders who are authentic, empathetic and brave.”

Why self-care is not selfish

Chelsea says, “You have to take care of your physical, mental, nutrition, sleep and relationships to be at your best.”

“Self-care is not selfish. It is a discipline.”

She reads a lot of biographies of successful people and they all have similar habits when it comes to self-care tools.

“I always believe success leaves clues, so find out what the successful leaders are doing and implement one small behavioural change that has a huge positive impact on your life,” she advises.

4 tips for success

Chelsea has a few tips for success:

  •          Set clear boundaries to protect your health and relationships.
  •          Excel at the basics.
  •          Prevention and being proactive is better than reaction.
  •          Have a curious mind and never stop learning or serving others.

“The unsung hero to a lot of people’s happiness is charity work, when we get outside of our own ego and do things for others,” she says.

“That’s when we receive serotonin - the long-lasting, non-addictive happy chemical.”

And how will her session at the #WITNC2019 help your clients or your business?

“Time is our most precious resource,” Chelsea points out.

“I will help you claim back time in your diary and your life with some simple strategies that can be shared with your colleagues, clients, friends and family members.”

The Women in Tax National Congress is back again for 2019 and this year the full day program is designed to ensure you perform at your highest potential. Listen to Chelsea and other inspiration speakers help you gain your sense of purpose and bring greater clarity to your team.

Join us at the Women in Tax National Congress on the 29th November at The Fullerton Hotel in Sydney.