Do you tick off all these leadership traits?

Suzy Jacobs is a charismatic entrepreneur and coach with energy and heart. While relentlessly pursuing impact in life, Suzy has built and sold businesses, produced her own podcast (The Change Room) and is currently immersed in start-up mode, building a new network; Activator Academy. She’s taken to the stage for CommBank, Baker & McKenzie, introduced over a hundred speakers in 3 days for Australia’s largest retail conference and emcees one of the leading tech conferences for Asia Pacific.

At the 2019 Women in Tax National Congress (#WITNC2019) on 29 November, she will MC and will be speaking about the topic: You can change your world by changing your words.

“Thanks to the body of work produced by Dan Goleman, the Godfather of Emotional Intelligence (EI), we know the importance of honing our EQ,” says Suzy.

“Higher emotional intelligence develops a growth mindset which leads to higher performance.”

She says the way we communicate and the words we choose are a direct correlation to EQ. If you upgrade your language and you will upgrade EQ.

During her session at the #WITNC2019 Suzy says attendees will learn and never forget what it takes to be an effective communicator and leader. She also says you will walk away with more time, more energy and a greater sense of joy.     

We asked her what makes a great leader.

Suzy says great leaders possess the following traits:

  •        A strong vision
  •        A curious mind
  •        Being present and engaged with your team
  •        Relentless responsibility and accountability
  •        Getting the right tools in the hands of the right people
  •        Clear values that are shared with, and lived by, everyone, all the time.

Her advice to professionals is to implement the above.

“Take lessons from others, but don’t emulate them,” she says.

“Prioritise your EQ, develop your own leadership blueprint and keep evolving it throughout your career.”

We all know tax is constantly changing and digitising. Here are her tips for surviving an environment in flux:       Seek your own counsel

  •  Carve out quiet time to think deeply about what’s important to you.
  •  Spend time outside work hours doing things that promote creativity and creative thinking
  •  Keep it simple
  •  Stay client/customer focused

Be inspired! Join us at the 2019 Women in Tax National Congress on the 29th November at the Fullerton Hotel in Sydney.

The Congress is back again for 2019 and this year the full day program is designed to ensure you perform at your highest potential. Listen to inspiration speakers help you gain your sense of purpose and bring greater clarity to your team.