Earlier this year at the 34th National Convention, Amanda Kazacos won the 2019 Emerging Tax Star award. A year on, at The Tax Summit 2020, she will be presenting a session in the Emerging Leaders stream on Foreign Income Tax Offsets.

We caught up with Amanda who told us why she thinks the networking opportunities at The Tax Summit are invaluable to practitioners in the early stages of their career.

Amanda is a Senior Associate in the taxation team at King & Wood Mallesons where she advises on all aspects of taxation law for large multinational corporations including on corporate acquisitions, divestments, restructures and international tax issues.

We asked her what advice she had for Emerging Tax Practitioners and why they should attend The Tax Summit.

“There is something for everyone. And that includes the emerging tax professionals,” she begins.

“It’s not just technical, it’s also practical.

“One of the sessions is about how to create client relationships, which I think will be really interesting for people who have just started out.”

Amanda’s Session at The Tax Summit – Session 3.5: Foreign income tax offsets – domestic laws reign will focus on the foreign income tax offsets in the context of the Burton case.

“It’s an incredibly topical discussion, and it’s a really interesting insight into the conflicting outcome that can arise in international tax policy,” she says.

We asked Amanda about the challenges facing tax practitioners in her sector and how she thinks those challenges should be addressed.

“For me, a tax lawyer, you’re not just expected to be technical and to be good at the law.

“Clients require you to be very commercial. You need to understand your client’s business.

“You are your best resource; invest time in your development and yourself.”

Amanda says practitioners need to back themselves in terms of developing technically, developing commercially and to achieve everything that the client wants you to achieve.

Why Amanda is excited to attend The Tax Summit

“For me, it’s a chance to meet those people that I met at National Convention last year, to catch up on the year that’s gone,” she says.

But The Tax Summit is not just about networking.

“CPD events provide really practical learnings, not just for things I can apply technically in my work, but also my day to day activities.

“Just last week at the National Women in Tax Congress, I received a whole lot of tools that allowed me to look at readjusting my life to optimise my day.

“All different practical things you can learn.”

Why should you attend The Tax Summit 2020?

Amanda told us how well she thinks the program has been put together, offering something for everyone. She is excited about the variety of speakers from different places including the Australian Taxation Office, the Corporate Sector, Private Practice and the Bar.

“I think there’s something for everyone at this year’s Summit,” she says.

“There’s so many opportunities to meet different people, whether it's through the gala dinner, the optional events, or just in the breaks. And it's a really good way to meet like-minded individuals in a very collegiate environment.

“I think that is the best thing that you can get as someone in your early stages of my profession.  To meet other people and chat about the different career paths at hand because it's just really good insight.”

We asked Amanda why she thinks networking is so important to tax practitioners.

“It's a small profession, really small. So it's really important that you do speak to people because they will come up again and again, and you'll get to meet them whether they're on the opposite side of a deal or whether you end up working with them,” she explains.

“I think it's just really important to chat to people about opportunities, chat about what they're interested in, because you're going to come across them again and again, and they're going to become your friends.”

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