We caught up with Amy Hockey at the Women in Tax Lunch in Sydney last October. She shares her thoughts on leadership, tax education and professional development events.

What makes a great leader? Is there a formula? Is it about influence or power?

Amy Hockey, Tax Director at Deloitte, says there are a few things that make a great leader. She cites an example in her career.

“A great leader that I've worked with has been confident, keeps it real, has been a great mentor, always makes time for the team, grabs a hold of opportunities, a great teacher, but most importantly, makes tax fun,” she says.

Great leadership has never been more important in the face of change.

“Tax is constantly changing,” says Amy.

“So, it's definitely very important to keep on top of your education and to continue learning in tax.

“After university, I did my CA and then my Masters of Taxation.

“I think you need to do it to stay relevant,” she adds.

Her advice to tax practitioners for keeping up with change is to be open, be flexible, and to be a driver for change.

We even asked her what advice she would have given herself when she started in tax.

Amy says, “Advice that I would give myself when starting in tax back, in the day, would be just to focus on yourself and your own path.

“I think people are so wrapped up in what other people are doing and other people's journeys that we need to focus on our own strengths and our own challenges, and to realise that we all have our own journey.”

This is also why professional development events have been key to Amy’s career. What she likes the most about these events are the networking opportunities, and also being inspired by listening to other people's stories and journeys.

“What I like most about the Women in Tax events is definitely listening to different people's stories at different stages of their career, from those who've already basically made it to the top in my eyes,” she explains.

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