We caught up with Casey Bewes, Manager – Tax at EY, at last October’s Women in Tax lunch held in Sydney. We asked her what it takes to make an impact in the next 5 years.

“To make an impact in the next five years, practitioners need to be embracing technology,” she says.

“That’s the way forward. Be an innovator, to be adaptive, and push for something new rather than just accepting the status quo.”

Great tax advisers continually improve

Casey also says that good tax advisers are continually developing through ongoing learning and structured education. She recently finished her Masters in Tax whilst working full-time.

“In tax, you just have to stay on the ball,” she says.

“If you're passionate, and you enjoy tax, and you enjoy what you do enough, I think that you're willing to do that no matter what.

“Being able to adapt to technology rather than being hesitant and restricting to change is crucial.”

However, she does admit juggling work and study is difficult.

“There's no doubt about that, and I don't think there are easy answers for managing that,” she admits.

“In my personal experience, it’s about trying to be organised and following through on what you plan to do.”

Great leadership in a nutshell

“The best indicator of what can be a good leader is, they can relate to everyone,” says Casey.

Casey says she works with many leaders she can rely on and reach out to at any time.

“A true leader will know what their teams are capable of and have the ability to allocate work to that person to help further their strengths and support in their weaknesses.

“Great leaders are not afraid to be making other leaders.”

Best advice Casey has received

 “One of the best bits of advice I've received is just to stress about things you can control, and don't stress about the rest,” says Casey.

“That’s something that even now I'm still learning how to do that every day.”

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