We caught up with Vicki Macdermid, Partner/Executive Director, Private Business and Family Advisory, Pitcher Partnersin the lead up to her presentation at the upcoming Women in Tax Lunch: Empowering Our Financial Future to learn a bit more about her session.

Vicki is passionate and committed to empowering women in business to become leaders, she plays a key role in Pitcher Partner’s ‘Women in Leadership Program’ and Chair’s their Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

She is also the founder of EQiLead, an innovative approach to workplace leading and learning which has allowed Vicki to bring the power and wisdom of horses to Leadership Culture.

Vicki explained that the name of this program stemmed from the notion and power of leading with one’s emotional intelligence, much like horses. She now facilitates workshops for university classes, leadership programs and large corporates including Qantas and Chobani.

In her upcoming Tedx Talk, Vicki explores ‘The Power of Connection’ and the ‘invisible reins’ of connection & intention which can guide leaders. This is part of a model that Vicki is developing – the Power Quotient© - of course, horses are involved!

Always first

Vicki, the unintentional trailblazer, reflects on how she was the always ‘First’. Vicki was the first female graduate at (then) Hungerford’s, the first female to take maternity leave at her firm, the first female to work part time and then the first ‘home bred’ female partner at Pitcher Partners.

She rationalises that whilst being the first female to choose these unexplored avenues was uncertain, risky and sometimes tiring, “there was no alternative and no path to follow - someone needs to be The First.

“So, I made my own path - with my passion and determination to make things better for others,” she adds.

When asked what helped her on her journey to become a business leader, Vicki cited “asking for help” and having a “coach or confidante that will deliver the hard messages when needed” are essential.

She also stressed the importance of staying true to your morals and ethics as they are the foundation for modern day business leaders, “values first every time, otherwise it is a potential slippery slope”.

As for her message to aspiring leaders, she says “align what you want your life to be with what you are doing as it takes a lot less energy when you are aligned in what you are doing/being”.

What you will take away from the lunch

Vicki hopes that if delegates only take one message away from the event it is that,

“There is no one ‘right’ way to do anything, in a career or in life.

The only ‘right’ response is to learn from everything, and use those learnings - and if all else fails “get your Wonder Woman pose on”.

Hear more from Vicki Macdermid and co-Presenter, Merran Kelsall, Non-Executive Director, VicSuper and RACV Limited as they inspire, unite and empower guests to thrive for professional success.

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