Vicky Tzirtzilakis, Associate at Gabriel & Partners in Sydney shared some insight on how she keeps up to date with the ever-changing tax world.

We managed to catch up with Vicky at the Women in Tax Special Edition Budget Lunch in Sydney earlier this year.

Vicky has been with Gabriel & Partners since 2002 and recently became an associate. Vicky’s extensive experience and use of cloud-based accounting applications means she needs to stay on top of technological advances that affect the tax world, as strategically as she can.

How Vicky stays up to date

Vicky stresses the importance of structured tax education to help professionals stay ahead of change.

“Tax professionals can manage technological change,” she says.

Vicky believes planning ahead, utilising support from other experts, and undergoing as much research as possible, is key to keeping up to date & managing constant change.

“If you need expert advice from IT consultants or other tax practitioners, call on that support when you can and that’ll help you manage it,” she continues.

If you’re considering a Women in Tax event…

Vicky’s advice for professionals wondering on whether to attend Women in Tax events, is to do it!

“Definitely, do it, go for it,” she says.

“It’s great networking, you’ll build a great support around you.

“If those queries and unknown areas pop up, you’ve got someone to call on and basically, you feel that you’re part of a team and your work is not taken for granted!”

Vicky is committed to assisting clients in getting the best possible tax outcomes. She says although keeping up to date with the constant change of tax is hard, she does “love a challenge!”

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