Executive Director of tax on how to juggle work, life and study

8 Jan 2019 | Career progression, Leadership

Ilana Kramarov, Executive Director – Tax Consulting at Bell Partners, shares her approaches to work life balance.

Emerging tax star on the future of tax

3 Jan 2019 | Career progression

Aimee Riley, 2018 Winner of The Tax Institute’s Emerging Tax Star Award, spills the beans on what tax will look like in the future.

Tax associate on how education has been ‘invaluable’ to her career

3 Dec 2018 | Career progression, Profiles

Julie Abdalla on why tax education is so important, thoughts on leadership and what she values about being a member of The Tax Institute.

Jennie Granger’s top 3 tips for success

3 Dec 2018 | Career progression, Leadership

Professor Jennie Granger shares her three top tips for success in tax.

BDO Partner’s tips on work life balance

12 Sep 2018 | Career progression

Adele Townsend, CTA, and Partner at BDO, shares her advice for women beginning a career in tax.

How to thrive in a “difficult,” male-dominated tax profession

27 Aug 2018 | Career progression

Tax Partner Kathryn Harris, CTA, shares the secrets on how to go forth and conquer in tax.

Florence Chen, Barrister, on being bullish, breaking through barriers, and finding balance

18 Jun 2018 | Articles, Career progression, Profiles, Videos

Following her presentation at our 33rd National Convention, Florence spoke to The Tax Institute about her career in tax, challenges faced, work-life balance and more.

Mathew Chamberlain, EY Partner, on work-life balance and the advantages and disadvantages for women in the tax profession.

6 Jun 2018 | Articles, Career progression

We spoke with Mathew Chamberlain, Partner at EY, about the advantages and disadvantages for women in the tax profession and tips on achieving work-life balance.