Why ‘learning agility’ is crucial for success in tax

5 Feb 2019 | Gender Equality

Sabah Hussain, FTI, Financial Controller at HarperCollins Publishers, on why curiosity is King in tax.

Why leaders should never let diversity slip under the radar

3 Dec 2018 | Gender Equality, Leadership

Alison Woolsey, Director, Diversity & Inclusion at Clayton Utz on why diversity and inclusion is essential to great leadership and organisational success.

Chief Financial Controller’s advice: “always stay one step ahead”

28 Sep 2018 | Gender Equality

Wales Truck Repairs' Roslyn Anderson, ATI, on how to stay on top in a tax career.

Sarah Liu – It's time to move beyond hashtags

20 Apr 2018 | Articles, Gender Equality

The Dream Collective’s Founder & MD, Sarah Liu, suggests that, despite trending hashtags, the daily reality has changed little for women worldwide.

Marion Fulker on achieving gender equity

10 Apr 2018 | Gender Equality, Videos

In March, Committee for Perth CEO Marion Fulker participated in the discussion at The Tax Instiute’s ‘Achieving gender equity’ event at Curtin University.

Faith Harako on gender equity at the ATO

4 Apr 2018 | Gender Equality, Videos

Assistant Commissioner Faith Harako spoke at The Tax Institute's 'Achieving gender equity' event in Perth about her experiences in forging a career as a woman in the ATO.

The cultural glass ceiling

29 Mar 2018 | Articles, Gender Equality

Harcourts Victoria CEO, Sadhana Smiles, argues that the conversation on diversity should be about more than just 'gender balance'.

Prof Kerrie Sadiq on unconscious gender bias

23 Feb 2018 | Gender Equality, Videos

QUT Business School Professor of Taxation, Kerrie Sadiq CTA, delivers a presentation on conscious and unconscious gender bias in relation to two short stories about tax.

Catherine Fox on 'Fixing the workplace (not the women)'

14 Feb 2018 | Gender Equality, Videos

Journalist and author Catherine Fox presents practical insights on how businesses can save time and money by addressing bias in workplace rules and practices.