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Brand You: The power behind your brand paper


Every individual or business has a brand regardless of whether they know it or not. Your reputation often precedes you and therefore it impacts on your opportunities. The great brands of the world continue to grow even while others struggle to maintain market share. Think Apple, Virgin or IKEA; the techniques they use are simple.

This paper shows you how to:

  • refine your brand – supercharge it with value, clarity and direction
  • engage your team – getting others to support your journey
  • delight the customer – kick-start great word of mouth.

Author profile

Rick Marton
Rick is a Brand and Culture Architect with Effective Naturally. Rick is a Social Entrepreneur and is recognised by organisations nationally across a range of industries. He is a marketer that sees spin as an unsustainable lie and is recognised by brands locally and abroad for his ability to bring people and business closer together for more effective outcomes. His business started from unlikely beginnings at the age of 14, but Rick now owns two sister companies with dynamic teams: Coyote Events that designs and delivers premium business events; and Effective Naturally, that builds brands people love. - Current at 18 October 2012


This was presented at 2012 Tasmanian State Convention .

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