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Superannuation - 2009 National Roadshow presentation


This presentation covers:

  • recent superannuation developments:
    • recent SMSF cases
    • TA 2009/1 – Superannuation Illegal Early Release Arrangements
    • Family law (de facto) Bill receives assent
    • Same Sex Relationships Act receives assent
    • SMSFR 2008/D4 – Borrowing in Superannuation Funds
    • SMSFR 2008/D5 – In-House Asset Definitions
    • SMSFD 2008/3 – Binding Death Benefit Nominations in a SMSF
    • excess transitional non-concessional contributions
    • SG and OTE – SGR 2008/D2
    • ATO ID 2008/137 – Separate Net Income: Account Based Pension
    • ATO ID 2008/113 – Transfer from Foreign Superannuation Fund
    • superannuation and insolvency administration
  • Pre 1999 Unit Trusts:
    • strategies leading up to 30 June 2009
    • beyond 1 July 2009 – unit trusts in superannuation
  • Superannuation Interests:
    • what is a superannuation interest?
    • income stream strategies
    • accumulation strategies
    • Superannuation Interest Rulings and ATO ID’s
  • employment termination payments / redundancy:
    • transitional rules
    • ETP Rulings and ATO IDs
  • insurance in superannuation:
    • obtaining cover – policy or self-insurance
    • allocating insurance proceeds
    • accessing insurance proceeds
    • tax on insurance proceeds
  • superannuation and the financial crisis:
    • bankruptcy and superannuation
    • accessing superannuation benefits
  • superannuation and estate planning:
    • death benefit instructions
    • superannuation death benefits
    • superannuation death benefit strategies
  • key rates – 2008/2009.

Author profile

Jemma Sanderson CTA
Photo of author, Jemma SANDERSON Jemma is a Director at Cooper Partners Financial Services, heading up their SMSF specialist services. Jemma provides strategic advice on SMSFs, estate planning and wealth management to clients, as well as technical support to accounting, legal and financial planning groups. Jemma has over 17 years experience in developing complex strategies for high net worth clients. Jemma is a regular presenter on superannuation and SMSFs for The Tax Institute and other professional bodies across Australia. Jemma is the author of the popular SMSF Guide published by The Tax Institute, currently in its 8th edition, and is the author and convenor of The Tax Institute’s Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law Advanced Superannuation unit. Jemma was recently named as SMSF Adviser of the Year at the 2017 National Women in Finance awards. - Current at 08 January 2018
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