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Take the challenge. Demonstrate your leadership, as you discuss and debate high-level tax planning and advisory issues with other tax experts.

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly globalised business environment, it is critical for tax professionals not only to be up-to-date, but also to be equipped to advise their clients on complex and dynamic business transactions. To be the best, you have to innovate, think on your feet, and synthesise large amounts of information.

In this final phase of professional education, CTA3 Advisory, relies on you as a sophisticated learner and provides you opportunities to exercise your judgement and problem-solving skills whilst stimulating your learning through reflection - and ultimately leads to the sought-after global CTA designation.

CTA3 Advisory recreates those situations through case studies and teaches by providing debate around areas such as capital gains tax, trusts, international tax, fringe benefits tax and corporate tax. The case studies are designed to drill down to the practical issues of applied tax law in a commercial setting. This will enable you to appreciate tax law in its dynamic application rather than as a set of abstract rules. It mirrors the skills used by successful tax professionals to help you develop high-level practical skills and confidence.

Those who go on to successfully take the CTA3 Exam will satisfy the educational requirements to the globally-recognised CTA designation.

6 credit points
30 CPD hours
face-to-face or distance
27 weeks
2 study periods

1300 TAX EDU
(1300 829 338)


Elective subject in the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law


Complete the TPB approved Course in Commercial Law


Gain skills that are directly applicable to the workplace

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"[The Tax Institute] balances technical material and practical application, bridging academia with the practice of tax law."

Rachel Vijayaraj, ATI, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

"The weekly webinars and on line study format made it possible to combine the course work and full time work."

Wendy Miller, FTI, Damien Greer

“Studying with The Tax Institute gave me the confidence to understand and tackle detailed taxation issues.”

Mathew Coombes, CTA, Borough Australia Pty Ltd

“What I learnt I was actually applying every day to my work with my clients and the notes I received are now my tax bible.”

Lauren Whelan, HLB Mann Judd

“The topic areas covered provided me with technical knowledge on areas of tax which I could apply to real life situations.”

Geoff Tierney, CTA, ESV Chartered Accountants

“The fact that active and highly experienced practitioners are teaching the course content has been invaluable to me.”

Erin Shields, Dixon Advisory


Learning outcomes

CTA3 Advisory immerses professionals in the real-life problem solving situations (across different tax specialisations) presented through in-depth case study discussion sessions.

Who is this for?

  • corporate advisory professional
  • divisional or senior tax manager
  • investment banker or structured finance consultant
  • partner or senior associate lawyer
  • reaching the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation
  • senior lecturer or professor
  • tax counsel
  • tax director or head of tax

Entry requirements

  • 1. hold current Fellow membership of The Tax Institute1
  • 2. have completed CTA1 Foundations, CTA2A Advanced and CTA2B Advanced subjects, or an equivalent qualification from The Tax Institute’s accredited education provider register
  • 3. meet English language requirements if the language of instruction for your 6 years of high school qualifications was not English.
  • 4. have at least 36 months’ relevant Australian tax or tax law experience

1. [A discounted membership is available at the time of enrolment for all new members. Membership fees attract GST. Membership will expire on 30 June. Find out more about membership benefits and resources]

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the reading for CTA3 Advisory, candidates will be able to:

  • refer to and apply relevant taxation legislation, cases, guidelines and procedures and determine their relevance to specific client taxation issues
  • interpret tax legislation, guidelines and procedures and apply them to source material
  • understand and apply analytical and technical skills to documents and information where relevant, and determine alternative solutions
  • analyse and evaluate potential alternative solutions and present these in a concise and professional manner that differentiates alternative tax issues and provides logical, reasoned support for the conclusions and advice.

Subject structure


CTA3 Advisory is based on four case studies across a variety of tax specialisations, covering:

  • Small Business CGT
  • GST
  • International tax
  • Corporate tax

The case studies are designed to present applied problems in tax practice: they mirror real life and have intersecting tax law issues that you must identify and consider to arrive at a correct solution.

Modes of study

Face-to-face study

Face-to-face study allows candidates to attend lectures every four weeks at CBD venues in mainland capital cities (subject to minimum numbers).

Distance study

Distance study utilises four group teleconference tutorials during the study period.

Intensive study

Intensive study is delivered over two consequent days of compulsory intensive lectures at Sydney CBD venue.

Assessment-only study

Assessment-only study allows candidates to accelerate their studies by progressing directly to the assessments for the subject based on prior study, qualifications and experience. Candidates will only receive access to research links and sample Letter of Advice during the study period.

Enrolment inclusions

Resources made available to a candidate (excluding assessment-only study) are:

  • access to an online learning portal
  • case studies for study sessions
  • access to Legal Research and Reasoning course
  • access to the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA 2009) and the Code of Professional Conduct
  • comlimentary subscription to The Tax Institute’s Tax Knowledge eXchange for the duration of the subject
  • access to an online Candidate Support Centre
  • exam preparation resources including sample Letter of Advice email access to the subject convenor for technical questions
  • support from senior tax lecturers and presenters

Assessment structure

AssessmentWeighting for overall markPass requirement
Draft solutions 0% n/a
Letter of Advice 0% n/a
Exam 100% 70%

Draft solutions:

Participation during the subject is assessed by the submission of draft solutions for each case study. Draft solutions should mirror content which is normally included in a client’s letter of advice. In addition, it can include the candidate’s thoughts and reflections about the case study.

Assignment, Letter of Advice:

  • Each candidate must select one of several case studies from the published Assignment Booklet and prepare a Letter of Advice that addresses the tax problems posed in the selected case study.

Exam, Late Breaking Fact:

  • The format of the exam is an amended Letter of Advice developed in response to a ‘Late Breaking Fact’, which is provided at the beginning of the supervised exam.

Please note that all assessment tasks must be passed in order to complete the subject.


Tax profession and employer

The Tax Institute is a not-for profit membership-based organisation which has been supporting and educating the tax profession for over 70 years. With over 12,000 members ranging from graduates to tax experts in the Big 4, mid-tier and SME firms, The Tax Institute is known as Australia’s leading educator and professional association in tax.

All subjects are designed and delivered by leaders in the tax field, providing candidates with flexible and applicable knowledge which can be used immediately in the workforce. As a higher education provider, our subjects hold recognition with other learning institutes, the Tax Practitioners Board, and other accounting and international bodies.



Subject Study period 1 Study period 2 Study period 3
CTA3 Advisory check check check
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CTA3 Advisory1
New member fee2 $320
Subject fee3 $2,050

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1. [Prices are per subject.]
2. [To enrol in an education subject it is a requirement to become a member of The Tax Institute. All new members will receive Affiliate membership valued at $454.00 upon enrolment (Fellow membership required for CTA3 Advisory) until June 30 in the subsequent calendar year. You are also eligible to upgrade to voting membership valued at $649.00 for no additional cost if you meet the required membership eligibility criteria. Attracts GST, price quoted is GST inclusive.]
3. [Subjects accredited within the Graduate Diploma do not attract GST.]