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Why study here

The experiences, knowledge, and confidence gained by studying with The Tax Institute will inspire you to create your own path for your career. We’re also the only institute in Australia that awards Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) status, representing the pinnacle of the profession. Today you can choose from a wide range of programs and subjects developed to build your career in tax. Get real tax skills. Get started.

"[The Tax Institute] balances technical material and practical application, bridging academia with the practice of tax law."

Rachel Vijayaraj, ATI, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

"The weekly webinars and on line study format made it possible to combine the course work and full time work."

Wendy Miller, FTI, Damien Greer

“Studying with The Tax Institute gave me the confidence to understand and tackle detailed taxation issues.”

Mathew Coombes, CTA, Borough Australia Pty Ltd

“What I learnt I was actually applying every day to my work with my clients and the notes I received are now my tax bible.”

Lauren Whelan, HLB Mann Judd

“The topic areas covered provided me with technical knowledge on areas of tax which I could apply to real life situations.”

Geoff Tierney, CTA, ESV Chartered Accountants

“The fact that active and highly experienced practitioners are teaching the course content has been invaluable to me.”

Erin Shields, Dixon Advisory

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