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What is an eLearning module?

eLearning Modules are computer based learning ("eLearning") that work in conjunction with reference resources such as online versions of The Tax Institute's books.

A module/s can present information, questions and reference specific passages in the corresponding online book to help you learn actively. This reference based learning approach is designed to help you get the most from the publication/s, and includes the following benefits:

  • CPD hours are allocated to original module purchaser
  • tests your understanding of the text
  • allows you to keep a record of your results to show your employer you are competent in the topics covered
  • the convenience of anytime/anywhere self-paced learning
  • the ability to repeat a module eg. to see whether your remedial reading leads to a better result
  • useful remedial feedback provided.

System requirements

Loosely speaking, an up to date web browser and Adobe Flash Player is all you need. If you can view You Tube videos (for example) and your system is up to date you should be fine. That means almost every computer in an office should meet the requirements without needing to install anything.

More precisely, to view the online learning modules you will need:

  • an internet connection
    Note: Some modules include media files such as short videos
  • Microsoft Windows users (any one of the following) --  Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later, Google Chrome, or Opera 9.5 and later.
  • Macintosh users (any one of the following) -- Firefox 1.x and later, or Safari 3 and later

Note: To maintain maximum compatibility with The Tax Institute's other online products and website, the use of current versions of Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer or Firefox is preferred.

Learning outcomes

When using the module, relevant sections in the online book, or other reference materials such as short videos, are referenced via hyperlink. You can click the link to view the material and then answer the question posed. The reference materials contain sufficient information to enable you to answer the corresponding question.

It is important to note that the modules cannot test the correctness of the reasoning process which leads the user to give a particular answer. A correct answer may be the result of an "educated guess" for example. It is prudent to read the reference material to confirm that the principles are understood.

With the above caveat, if all questions in a module are answered successfully without using the references eg. because you have thoroughly studied the corresponding text prior to doing the module) then this indicates a good grasp of the subject. If a question is not answered correctly, the user should concentrate on familiarising themselves with the relevant principles in relation to the particular question.

In all cases, before giving advice in relation to a matter covered by the module, a practitioner must refer to all relevant materials (including the online book, any published ATO material and the terms of any legislation).

Navigating eLearning modules

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