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TLIP: Lip service or in service? A review of the non-commercial loss and STS measures against the TLIP principles


In order to address criticisms about the extraordinary complexity of the Australian income tax system, the Federal Government embarked on an ambitious mission in the mid-1990s to simplify the income tax legislation. Part of this response was the creation of the Tax Law Improvement Project (‘TLIP’) taskforce to rewrite the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (‘the 1936 Act’) into plain English. The rewrite project was to have been accorded priority until its ultimate completion; however, in 1998 there was a major diversion of resources away from the income tax act’s rewrite in order to implement the new Tax Reform measures. This resulted in the rewrite project being set aside and left incomplete; yet, new provisions have continued to be inserted into the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (‘the 1997 Act’).

Author profiles

Dr Brett Freudenberg CTA
Photo of author, Brett FREUDENBERG Brett Freudenberg is an Associate Professor – Taxation at Griffith University (Australia). Brett is known for his research expertise in the tax law and policy issues facing private enterprises, as evidenced by his Fulbright Scholarship (2006) and over 50 refereed publications in leading Australian and international journals. Associate Professor Freudenberg’s research has analysed whether Australia should introduce a tax flow-through company (S Corporation), the tax treatment of discretionary trusts and the motivation for choice of business structure. Associate Professor Freudenberg’s research has informed government policy as he was invited to present his PhD research findings to the Australian Treasury as part of the Henry Tax Review. Brett is passionate about education being a transformative process, and his effectiveness as a teacher has been recognised through five national awards (including the award of two Australian Learning and Teaching Council citations: 2008 & 2011). - Current at 29 May 2017
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Lisa Samarkovski CTA
Photo of author, Lisa SAMARKOVSKI Lisa is a sessional staff member in tax, Griffith Business School, Griffith University. - Current at 01 April 2006
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