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Navigating through corporate restructuring tax provisions paper


There is now a veritable menu of rollovers, reliefs and consolidation rules which can potentially apply to mergers, demergers and asset transfers. Each item on the menu has its own pre-requisites and there are some common rules to observe. Overlaying that are specific and the general anti-avoidance provisions. This paper will help you understand how they all come together and identify traps to avoid. We will not be cooking the books, but you will learn how to choose from the menu without getting egg on your face. Topics covered in this paper include:

  • pulling companies apart using the demerger rules
  • the section 45B ATO practice statement
  • putting companies back together using the CGT rollover rules
  • using the consolidation regime to move assets between companies
  • theoretical possibilities versus practical realities.

Author profiles:

Author Photo - Michael Clough FTI
Michael Clough FTI
Michael is a Partner at King & Wood Mallesons and has over 30 years experience advising Australian and foreign-owned corporate groups on income tax issues which arise in the capital and debt markets and in merger and acquisition transactions. Michael has also conducted on behalf of his clients numerous tax appeals and other related proceedings in the State, Federal and High courts. Current at 22 April 2014 Click here to expand/collapse more articles by Michael CLOUGH.

This was presented at Queensland State Convention: Reach for the Stars.

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