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19 Oct 066 12 Withdrawals

On 18 October 2006, the ATO withdrew the following:

- IT 2260W Income tax: conditional requests for extensions of time to pay tax
- IT 2410W Income tax: interest paid by one Australian resident to another: interest withholding tax
- IT 2487W Income tax: variation of tax instalment deductions - non arbitrated allowances
- IT 2545W Income tax: quotation of tax file numbers in respect of eligible termination payments
- IT 2583W Income tax: variation of tax instalment deductions allowances paid under industrial instruments
- IT 2649W Income tax: application of the tax file number arrangements to solicitors
- TD 1992/196W Income tax: if an Australian resident taxpayer provides a tax file number (TFN) or proof of exemption to an investment body after tax has been deducted by that body, when can a refund of the TFN amount deducted be given by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)?
- TD 1993/225W Income tax: are Tax Instalment Deductions (T.I.D.s) required to be made from director's fees where the director is also an employee of a related company and it is a condition of employment or appointment that the director's fees be paid by the director to the related company?
- TD 1993/87W Income tax: should TFN amounts be deducted from that part of a unit trust distribution which is funded by fully franked dividends received by the trust?
- TD 1993/88W Income tax: are TFN amounts deducted from the tax free income component of a unit trust distribution?
- TD 1994/70W Income tax: employee share acquisition schemes: can income that is assessable under section 26AAC of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 be subject to provisional tax?
- TR 2000/3W Income tax: remission of penalty and General Interest Charge for failure to make deductions from RPS, PAYE and PPS payments

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