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MEMBER 15 writes:

"Member 12's comment (2009 TAXVINE No 33 (21 August 2009)) re 'no respect' reminded me of a client's recent visit. He usually sends his wife so this was his first sight of the Portal in use. As an IT expert who was subcontracted to create the Portal, he was proud of the end result. He also had been told by the ATO of the strong respect that the ATO has for the tax profession. I soon put him right, particularly when the ATO issues those educational letters that are now posted directly to clients. I am as careful as possible when preparing Income Tax Returns & I find the inference of technical incompetence offensive.
One of those letters, which clients do find intimidating, was sent to a 20 year old supermarket worker. Apart from a small laundry claim, his big deduction ($384) was for union fees. I wonder how Kevin Rudd feels about the ATO targeting taxpayers for the temerity of belonging to a union.
Next Grizzle - A client recently left my practice but the ATO site still shows me as Tax Agent for the Tax Bonus Payment Account. The ATO automatically removes my access to HELP data when a client leaves. Surely it should not be too difficult to automatically remove me from the Tax Bonus Payment Account as well.
Final Grizzle is the ATO calculator for Super Co-contributions. My practical experience, & borne out by a conversation with an ATO officer, is that only Net Rent is to be used in calculating the Total Income. However the Calculator clearly states that a sole owner is to use Gross Rent.
I really appreciate the information provided by TAXVINE & Member Feedback."

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