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04 Dec 099 Back to the Future (ATO style)

MEMBER 48 writes:

"Having waited patiently for the Government's Co-Contribution to arrive for over six months now, the statement I receive for my wife has these gems in it:

  1. The letter is addressed to our firm and not my wife,
  2. The refund outlines that it is for "Refund for Co-Contributions for the period from 23 Nov 09 to 31 Dec 99. Yes folks, it's Back to the Future (Part IV)
  3. It does not make any reference to which year it is being paid for. I'll assume it's for the year ended 30 June 2008 year, shall I?
Who designs the templates of these letters? Who APPROVES the templates of these letters before they are released to the public? Standards have regressed."

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