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04 Dec 099 More on ATO inaction on super surcharge mistakes

Following Member 40's pleas for help last week in relation to their 2003 super surcharge problem, we received the following feedback from Members:

MEMBER 42 writes:

"My suggestion to Member 40 and his problem with the ATO is to keep going up the line, or through the relationship manager and call EVERY day until the matter is resolved. Then submit a detailed account to the client Super Fund for the time spent. Finally arrange for the client to make a claim for compensation for your fees in the matter. If I remember correctly, the claim form can be downloaded from the ATO website here I have organised such a claim for a client super fund and succeeded. It was quite straightforward. Don't give up and good luck!"

MEMBER 43 writes:

"Oh how I empathise with Member 40.

We had the same problem went back to 2003 also. It was in the days of the hand-written forms, completing boxes etc. and for the 1997 tax year. There was one form for the provider and a separate form for each member. The short version was that the wrong identification labels ended up with a member from another fund being entered on my co-director's fund.

We, too, had numerous phone calls etc but solved the situation by "amending" the information and providing new MCS to ATO for members x 2 & Fund x 1. The situation was finally resolved on 14th August 2008 when we checked the Portal & found the balance written off.

There were numerous times in between these dates when we were told it had been 'fixed'."

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