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MEMBER 3 writes, in response to Member 1's comments in last week's TAXVINE - see 2008 TAXVINE No 45 (14 November 2008) - as follows:

"If Government or some other non accounting body/ies wishes to bring about the elimination of individual tax returns and are successful in that objective then so be it.

However if my member associations to whom I pay fees for representation ,do or continue to push that barrow and through their efforts are successful then I will resign from both. Why you ask? Well in my practice that would mean the dismissal of 2 of my (CPA) staff members and a reduction in my income.

If Member 1 or any other Member can’t earn an honest income from preparing individual tax returns then refer them all to me. In addition to the tax return income they can also be a great source of other accounting related income including extension into investments and new business ventures.

Sufficient reasons for not wanting to encourage the end of individual tax returns? I think so!"

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