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In response to Member 2's comments in last week's edition of TAXVINE - see 2008 TAXVINE No 39 (21) (3 October 2008) - MEMBER 2 writes:

"It is obviously important that there remains an independent source of tax advice in this country. But what needs to be done in my opinion is to separate, as much as possible, form-filling from that advice. Anyway, seen from a particular perspective, 'tick here and tick there' is hardly very professional and paying for software that makes the ticking more convenient to the ATO even less so.

This year in particular should be the year of the tax agent; it is the year of the Alinta and Coles etc take-overs, in specie distributions etc., and several other complications. How many taxpayers would get these things right without a tax agent?

I think this whole idea of arguing about the ten overalls without dockets, the rental house for the daughter at $ 50 per week, the driving to and from work etc should somehow be set aside and the more complex matters focused on, by advice, not by form-filling."

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