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MEMBER 7 writes:

"Very interesting. It seems many, many tax agents are complaining (justifiably) about not being able to meet the ATO’ lodgment deadlines for BAS & Year End.

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter in this Members’ forum complaining at the time about the lack of access of the Portal as it seemed to be down after hours & at weekends on a regular basis. Other Members wrote back saying they worked 9-5 Monday - Friday & asking what was I doing working at these hours? To my knowledge not one Member wrote in supporting me. To those that criticised me - what I am trying to do is actually what so many other small practitioners are trying to do, namely, provide a service for our clients.

I wish to cite a case recently of a new client who showed me his P & L & depreciation schedule. I asked if he had 2 vehicles. He said no, only 1. Two different accounting firms claimed depreciation plus leasing of the same vehicle. Errors = $ 38,000 over 2 years. I wondered at the time how 2 firms could make such a mistake. Than I wondered about so many of the 9 -5ers who don’t check their staff’s work, who need to be home by 5.30 each night to be with their family, who spend weekends with family & friends while we poor suckers work long hours providing a much needed service to the majority of smaller businesses & individuals.

There are only so many hours in a day. We cannot do everything. But at least we try."

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