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MEMBER 49 continues feedback that commenced with Member 40's pleas for help in relation to an unresolved 2003 super surcharge mistake on the part of the ATO:

"I have said it before, I'll say it again, Relationship Manager - What Relationship Manager? The Relationship Manager is powerless, has access to nothing and in most instances can't sort out even the smallest of problems.

I had the same problem regarding super surcharge mistakes. I rang the ATO and it was sorted. Some time later they did it again to the same client. This time I rang them and got someone in a senior position to deal with me. I told the ATO staff member who couldn't help me that I was not interested in dealing with her. I told her I wanted someone who could sort the problem & demanded, yes demanded to be put through to someone in authority. I also wrote a letter to the ATO telling them I was disgusted in their incompetence and DEMANDED a letter of apology from the ATO in writing. Get it wrong once & then fix it up. Fine. But to then do it a second time to the same client was slack & incompetent of the ATO.

Guess what? Problem fixed. And I even have a letter of apology from the ATO on my file. Yes, an actual APOLOGY.

Bypass the Relationship Manager who is friendly but useless and tackle the problem yourself. Member 42 did get it right when he/she said "keep going up the line". But, not through the Relationship Manager. Handle the problem yourself. Ring and rant & rave to the ATO and it will be sorted. Sit back and wait weeks and months on end. NO. Ring in two weeks, ring again two weeks later, than ring the next week, etc. etc. Speak to someone who is in a senior position. Demand, demand, demand.

Maybe, Member 40, you are being too nice."

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