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MEMBER 1 writes:

"Another problem with processing of the Tax Bonus payment.

It seems now that if a client rings the ATO to enquire why the payment has not yet been received they are simply told to ring their tax agent.

One example is a taxpayer who was not entitled to the payment rang the ATO and rather than being told he would not receive the payment was simply told to contact us. In another instance a cheque seems to have been mailed by the ATO to an old residential address but that client was also just told to ring us.

No attempt by the ATO to solve the problems - just pass the problems back to the tax agent and waste our time seems to be the method in play."

MEMBER 2 writes:

"The $900 bonus just gets more absurd. My 92 year old client (worth some $3.5M via land holdings, of which 75% are broad acres and some rented) with rental income only of some $55,000 gets the Tax Bonus cheque yesterday for the full $900. Why she is hardly a "working Australian" and clearly does not need it, nor could she spend it at her age! Well done Rudd.

I have a great problem explaining to clients about the fairness in all this. Especially the client who, due to hospitalization in late 2007, got a large medical expenses credit and no tax due!

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